About Manlius Baptist BYF


BYFers—If you’re keeping up with the times, you may be texting with your smart phones, emailing, using Facebook, Tweeting, and whatever else is out there. You could classify this website as a blog! Any information that you would like to share on this site can be sent to my email address (bnbburtster@gmail.com) and will be posted and “tagged” to your name. Recent posts will appear on the home page and eventually be archived in reverse chronological order received. If you want to view a particular individual’s contributions, simply click on the ‘BYF Alumni’ link at the top of the page and this will take you to a list of everyone who has contributed. Click on any name you like, and you will be given a list of every post where that person is mentioned. Girls, it’s probably wise to use your maiden name before your last name. So, be creative, and send Bill Dudley a memory or two.

When the website was put together, I asked my son, Andy, to set it up so that each person could send in text and pictures. To respect your privacy, Bill Dudley’s email address is also included, so you can send information to him directly. However, if you want to post on the site, all BYFers will be able to see your contributions. To keep it simple, Andy set it up for you to email your information directly to me. Then, I will put the text in one area and the pictures in another. By doing this, we are not using anything like Facebook. Also, we are not registering this site with any search engine so, due to our small number, this site will not likely show up as a link with any browser. Even though someone who doesn’t know us could mistakenly type in the site—they probably wouldn’t stay long when they realize that they don’t have a clue about the content. Again, if you don’t feel comfortable sending me information that others will see, simply send it directly to Bill Dudley.


Bill Burt


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